What is Market Research

What is Market Research?

What is Market Research?   “What is market research?”, to answer this question in simple words, it’s knowing everything about the market you are operating in. Market research is the cornerstone of a well-informed business. Knowing your consumers and your competitors well enough will always give you an upper hand in the market.   Market […]

What is Rural Marketing?

What is Rural Marketing? Learn about everthing about rural marketing

What is Rural Marketing?   To understand “what is rural marketing?”, we need to understand what is a rural market first. Gone are the days when people used to travel from rural areas to cities and towns to fulfill their basic needs.   Rural markets have evolved over time from not existing, to setting up […]

Everthing About Bacca Bucci logo

Bacca Bucci logo

How we made the Bacca Bucci logo   The founder of Bacca Bucci responded to “How we made the Bacca Bucci logo” by simply saying that their brand is synonymous with individualism. They celebrate individuality through their designs, be it shoes or accessories.   A logo is a visual identity and representation of a brand […]

Everthing About Fastrack logo meaning

Fastrack logo meaning

Fastrack logo meaning   One of the most prominent apparel brands Fastrack has been a top player in the Indian market for a long time. The interesting story about the Fastrack logo’s meaning should also be taken under consideration if we are talking about the brand.   Initially launched by Titan as a sub-brand in […]

Why is the Domino logo a dice?

Domino logo a dice

Why is the Domino logo a dice? If we talk about some of the biggest brands of our time, questions about the Domino logo a dice Domino’s would surely be on the list. When it comes to fast food giants, Domino’s has made a cultural impact so big it has been studied multiple times.   […]

The evolution of branding in the digital age

Evolution Of Branding In The Digital Age

Evolution Of Branding In The Digital Age   Branding is not a new-age concept, branding in the digital age has existed since time immemorial in some form or the other. With the advent of the internet and digitization, we need to learn about the evolution of branding in the digital age as well.   The […]

Whats Are 4P of design

4P of design

What are the 4P of design? Design is one of the main steps in the marketing or branding process. It has certain guiding principles that help tackle various difficulties and give direction to any project.   The 4 Ps of design are: People Process Products Partners   In the next section, we’ll study in detail […]

Everthing ABout Singapore airlines logo

Everthing ABout Singapore Airlines Logo

Singapore airlines logo   Known for its interesting branding history, Singapore Airlines is widely renowned as one of the world’s best carriers. Singapore Airlines logo is unique, classic, luxurious, and timeless. A brand’s logo is its identity and a very important component of the branding process. We, as a Logo development Agency, create similar logos […]

Explaination Of Poem framework in digital marketing

Complete explanation and examples about the Poem framework in digital marketing

Poem framework in digital marketing In the era of digitization and technology-oriented consumers, new tools keep evolving. The Poem Framework in digital marketing is one such component marketers use to drive results. Digital marketing is mostly about gaining viewers on digital platforms using a myriad of strategies. Viewers convert to consumers which is how digital […]

Bussiness model of Lenskart

Peyush Bansal Founder CEO Lenskart. 1 scaled 1

Lenskart: A Mission to Give India a Vision   Lenskart came and changed the scene of the eyewear market in India. With the motto Lenskart  A mission to give India a vision, it has paved the way for itself in the eyewear market. Before Lenskart, people rarely cared about the brand of the glasses they […]