Why is the Domino logo a dice?

Domino logo a dice

Why is the Domino logo a dice?

If we talk about some of the biggest brands of our time, questions about the Domino logo a dice Domino’s would surely be on the list. When it comes to fast food giants, Domino’s has made a cultural impact so big it has been studied multiple times.


When brands as big as Domino’s think of even a minor rebranding move, it’s a long process and a lot of thought goes into it. So, when something as big as the brand logo comes up, everything is well thought out.


At the heart of Domino’s lies a simple gesture, sitting with family and loved ones enjoying pizza and fighting over who gets the last slice. Domino’s is usually associated with nostalgia for so many people. Even the logo has an equally interesting backstory.


Domino’s was started back in 1960 as DomiNick’s Pizza founded by Tom Monaghan and James Monaghan. We can see that the logo looks like a domino. One of the reasons for the logo to look like a domino or a dice must be because the original name had ‘Domi’ in it. Also, the logo is a symbol of playfulness and fun, hence the dice.


Why are 3 dots in Domino’s logo and Domino logo a dice?


There have been many theories about Domino’s logo’s origin story and the meaning behind it. However, the marketing strategy behind Domino’s logo is exceptionally interesting because it has led people to make theories about it.


It is said that the three dots on Domino’s logo refer to the original three locations of the fast food giant. After it was revealed, people started making theories that Domino’s would add a new dot for every new outlet which would be 15000+ by today. Thankfully, nothing like that happened and the logo has had only 3 dots since then.


The three dots can also represent the three qualities Domino’s claims to serve along with their tasty food. Its quality, service, and community. Domino’s does not compromise with the quality of their food and tries to keep the ingredients authentic. Their service is top-notch. Every outlet of Domino’s makes sure to serve their customers well along with providing all the basic amenities. And lastly, a sense of community. With the following they have gained worldwide, the sense of community is real.


What is the logic behind the Domino’s logo?


Companies craft their logos by doing proper consumer research in the market. They choose the logo that will connect with the audience. We, as a logo development agency do that before designing logos. Domino’s seems to have ticked all the checkboxes in this situation.


The logic behind the logo is simply to showcase the brand’s ethos and evolution through the logo. The fact that the logo has stayed the same for a long time gives a sense of familiarity and warmth to the customers. The signature red and blue color of the brand gives an aesthetic edge to the logo.


What is the story behind Domino’s logo?


Domino’s logo has evolved just like the brand. It shows innovation, growth, and reinvention. The first brand logo launched in 1965 was a complete red symbol with Domino’s written over it. It further evolved to the dice design and the three dots but completely in painted red color.


The present logo came into existence when the red design was changed to red and blue.

When a company like Domino’s’ logo is designed, the primary concern for the brand is that the audience should like it. And Domino’s audience did.


Domino’s marketing campaigns are very famous and with the advent of social media, it has touched even greater heights with an exceptional digital marketing strategy, while some get hyped for all the right reasons, others get into a little trouble sometimes. But as they say, even bad marketing is marketing, Domino’s always had an edge with that one.


Their logo definitely got the hype it deserved. Starting with a small pizza shop in 1963, to more than 15,000+ outlets worldwide, they have left an unforgettable mark in the fast food industry and will continue doing so for many years.

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