Everthing About Fastrack logo meaning

Fastrack logo meaning

Fastrack logo meaning


One of the most prominent apparel brands Fastrack has been a top player in the Indian market for a long time. The interesting story about the Fastrack logo’s meaning should also be taken under consideration if we are talking about the brand.


Initially launched by Titan as a sub-brand in 1998 to fulfil the market need for providing watches at a reasonable price and good quality, Fastrack was introduced in the Indian market for the age group of 15-25, the youth mainly. Fastrack has taken the wristwatch market in India by storm by catering to the youth and their preferences are visibly clear in their designs.


When we talk about Fastrack’s logo meaning, the logo is basically a sleek and quirky design that appears to be a claw formed by a human hand. The design is different, unique yet fascinating as no brand has created a logo like that before. It seems like a distorted shape but it heavily resonates with Fastrack’s USP of affordable and stylish wristwatches. The claw formed using a human hand represents the watch-wearing consumer base the brand mainly focuses on.


What is the slogan of Fastrack?


The slogan of Fastrack is as iconic as it gets. With the simple slogan ‘Move On’, Fastrack is catching not just attention but also conveying the brand vision and ethos. Fastrack has always been witty and a trendsetter with its marketing campaigns. They did not fail to do it with their tagline either.


The youth of today has a habit of being stuck in one place and thinking too much, addressing that Fastrack said ‘You do You’ and ‘Move On’. Move on from anything that holds you back and do what you need to do. This slogan fills the consumer with positivity and energy.


A brand’s slogan represents what the brand stands for and what it represents its ethos and values. Fastrack’s slogan prompts the youth to break free from conventions and move on to forge their own paths. The slogan typically resonates well with GenZ, the primary consumer base of the brand.

Fastrack logo meaning and slogan
fasttrack logo and slogan


Fastrack logo history and Fastrack logo meaning


Fastrack was launched in 1998 as a subsidiary of Titan Watches. It became an independent urban brand in 2005. The brand defines itself as “irreverent” and it would be safe to say they are right on point.


Fastrack has a history of rising from the ashes like a phoenix. After their first rebranding, they lost a huge consumer base and their sales fell to a mere 23 crores in the market. But they built the brand again from the ground up by delving into different lines, from sunglasses to accessories, such as bags, belts, and apparel.


The quality offered at the price point at which Fastrack is doing is remarkable and that’s what helped it stand out from the crowd.


The Fastrack logo’s meaning has evolved over the years with new interpretations coming from time to time. The brand defines itself to be “effortlessly cool” and “unpredictable”. That is what fascinates today’s youth the most.


Fastrack logo meaning: creator

The person behind the creation of Fastracks’s iconic logo was not revealed by the company but the team at Titan Company was the creative genius behind it. The logo was designed exactly like the brand represents itself.


The logo is vague and open to interpretation, just like Fastrack claims itself to be “unpredictable”. The logo creation team made sure that the logo represents what the brand stands for. We, as a logo designing agency, understand that a logo should not just be unique and creative but also representative of the brand.


Fastrack logo meaning and symbol


Fastrack’s symbol is a representation of the brand, its ethos, values, and vision. The design is sleek, classic, and timeless, and the minor symbolism is what an iconic symbol needs.


Fastrack has altered the wristwatch industry with its affordable yet stylish designs. The symbol, slogan, and logo are all representative of the brand. Standing tall in a competitive industry requires out-of-the-box branding and Fastrack has made sure to do it perfectly. 

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