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Bacca Bucci logo

How we made the Bacca Bucci logo


The founder of Bacca Bucci responded to “How we made the Bacca Bucci logo” by simply saying that their brand is synonymous with individualism. They celebrate individuality through their designs, be it shoes or accessories.


A logo is a visual identity and representation of a brand and the logo must be an attention-catcher. We as a logo development agency, understand that well and we create logo designs that are out-of-the-box and unique. Bacca Bucci’s logo has a similar effect on people.


History of Bucca Bucci Logo


Born in 2013 in the streets of India’s capital, Delhi, Bucca Bucci rose and grew as a famous home brand among sneaker enthusiasts. The designs have become synonymous with fashion and minimalism.


The main idea behind the creation of Bucca Bucci was to provide people with stylish shoes and not burn a hole in their pockets in the process. The designs are trendy and classic at the same time. It offers a wide variety for people of all genders and age groups.


Their USP is in the premium quality raw materials they use and the craftsmanship that goes into creating these designs. Every product is fully handmade by talented and expert Indian craftsmen. The brand has gained a wide following because of its expert marketing techniques. The branding is on point and people resonate with Bucca Bucci’s vision.


Logo meaning of bacca bucci


The name Bacca Bucci in itself is very unique but so is the logo. Let us understand the logo meaning of Bacca Bucci. Usually, a logo explicitly represents a company’s ethos and vision. Bacca Bucci’s logo is simple yet sophisticated just like their shoe designs.


The logo is made up of the brand’s signature colours, brown and golden. Within a circular shape, there is another circle that features a sleek and unique design in the form of a spiral formation. Below the design, the name Bucca Bucci is written in a classic font.


The logo represents the brand’s designs meaning out-of-the-box, classic, and aesthetic. As they suggest their primary goal is to create designs that help their consumers flaunt their individuality while keeping it classy and aesthetic. The products, be they shoes, accessories, or t-shirts, every product represents exactly that.


The inspiration behind the Bacca Bucci logo


The inspiration behind Bucca Bucci’s logo is definitely the idea behind the creation of the brand. The logo is simple, classic, aesthetic, and unique at the same time just like their designs.


Bucca Bucci claims to be a trendsetter and it is evident in their products. They come up with new designs in the market which are loved by their consumers. Most importantly, the products are accessible and affordable for shoe lovers. In the era of social media and the internet, anything on the internet becomes a trend or in fashion. It seems like Bucca Bucci’s iconic pieces are doing that well, bringing things into fashion.


Creator of bacca bucci logo


Designersio are the best logo agency in Delhi It made the logo of Bacca Bucci. While the creator of Bucca Bucci’s logo is not announced, the designing team or the designer has done their tasks exceptionally well. The meticulous detailing in the logo is simply soothing and eye-catching.


Using brand colours in the logo perfectly, and a simplistic and sleek design to the elegant typography used in the name, the logo is a hit. It is a perfect example of a pictorial logo


The cost behind the Bacca Bucci logo


The cost behind such important brand components is justified as a logo represents the company visually to the common man. Bucca Bucci’s logo cost is not known but it is safe to say that the premium design must have taken a lot.


A logo is a tangible asset for a brand and it’s an expense the brand always bears keeping in mind the long-lasting effect it will make on the goodwill of the brand. The logo meaning of Bucca Bucci is open to interpretation and that often helps people to add their tweak to the identity of their favourite brands and that’s where the fun lies, isn’t it?

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