Everthing ABout Singapore airlines logo

Everthing ABout Singapore Airlines Logo

Singapore airlines logo


Known for its interesting branding history, Singapore Airlines is widely renowned as one of the world’s best carriers. Singapore Airlines logo is unique, classic, luxurious, and timeless. A brand’s logo is its identity and a very important component of the branding process. We, as a Logo development Agency, create similar logos that represent the brand through symbolism.


Singapore Airlines logo is widely renowned in the aviation industry for its unique and impeccable design. The stylized bird and the unique colour palette make it extremely pleasant to look at. You can not forget Singapore Airline’s logo once you look at it. That’s what great logos are about, isn’t it?


Singapore Airlines logo meaning


Singapore Airlines logo’s meaning is quite direct and understandable from just one look. The stylised golden-coloured bird depicts it flying, representing the airlines and their primary function. The golden colour adds a touch of personalisation as it is the official colour palette of the brand.


Besides the bird taking flight, it also features the name of the airline – Singapore Airlines written in a unique and quirky font in royal blue colour, also a part of the brand’s signature colour palette.


The bird in the logo is also known as the “bird of gold”. Its flying position represents freedom, liberty, grace, and aspirations. All the things the airlines want to convey through its logo. The modern font usage depicts sophistication and modernism in the brand. It represents Singapore Airlines’ unwavering reputation in the aviation industry throughout the years.


Singapore Airlines logo history


Interestingly, Singapore Airlines’ logo hasn’t changed much since the inception of the airline in 1972. It has evolved and been modernised but the logo design has remained almost the same which is quite impressive, it shows how a brand has stayed true to its roots and also conveys a sense of personalisation and connection.


 The first logo introduced by the airline was in 1972. The logo was quite appealing and impressive even during those times and reflected sleekness and modernity directly. The logo also consisted of a bird taking flight in the sky and ‘Singapore Airlines’ written beside it. The font was sophisticated and professional then. The colour used was black. It was entirely made up of black colour.


In 1987, the logo was redesigned to what it is today. The gold bird along with the sophisticated font was introduced. The logo has been Singapore Airlines’ brand identity since day one. The symbol is timeless and elegant.

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Singapore Airlines logo creator


The Singapore Airlines logo was created by the renowned French design firm Lippincott. The firm was assigned the task of logo designing in the early 70s. The designers did a fabulous job by paying great attention to detail and meticulously designing the logo to represent the airlines.


The inspiration behind the logo was the mythical bird called “Merlion”. It represents good fortune in Asian Folklore. The logo is a direct homage to the country and region the Singapore Airlines belongs to. It shows respect and loyalty from the point of view of the airlines which is highly appreciated by consumers.


Singapore Airlines logo old logo


Singapore Airlines logo has been the same since the inception of the airlines in 1972. The only thing that changed was the colour palette. The old logo designed by Lippincott was iconic and timeless and the airlines decided to continue with the same logo by making colour alterations to it in 1987.


The old logo of Singapore Airlines consisted of the mythical bird “Merlion” flying swiftly representing luck and good fortune and the name of the airline written right below it. The logo was elegant and sophisticated and it gave the brand a visual identity that is now associated with only Singapore Airlines.

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