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Lenskart: A Mission to Give India a Vision


Lenskart came and changed the scene of the eyewear market in India. With the motto Lenskart  A mission to give India a vision, it has paved the way for itself in the eyewear market. Before Lenskart, people rarely cared about the brand of the glasses they wore.


Standing as a beacon of innovation and accessibility, Lenskart moves forward with the vision of providing affordable eyewear solutions to millions of people across India. Currently, Lenskart has more than 2500 retail stores across India.


In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Lenskart’s journey till now, its vision, mission, logo, and business model.


Mission Of Lenskart


With a simple statement as their purpose, Lenskart says “We exist to transform the way people see and experience the world”. It is profound enough to make people think. Lenskart says that eyecare and eyewear are very important but they want to give people a transformational experience along with their products and services.


Lenskart aims to create and provide quality eyewear to every Indian irrespective of location and economic background. Their mission gives people hope. More than that, when they started providing free optometry services, it became easy and convenient for people.


Lenskart  A Mission to Give India a Vision: Founder


Lenskart’s foundation story is very compelling. Lenskart was founded by Peyush Bansal, a former Microsoft employee in 2010 alongside Amit Chaudhary and Sumit Kapahi. They started with Lenskart as just an eyewear brand.


In 2011, lenskart one of the early investors gave the idea of expanding the company into different lines like Titan once did. So, the company launched Watchkart.com and Bagskart.com, and the following year, it started Jewelskart.com. These businesses did not succeed the way Lenskart did. So, in 2014, the company shut down these and solely focused on Lenskart.

here is a piyush bansal founder of lenskart we learn about this to dive intoLenskart: A Mission to Give India a Vision



Lenskart’s logo is pictorial, clearly representing the company visually. A logo is an essential component of the branding process. We, as a logo designing agency understand that. With a sleek design of goggles, and Lenskart written in a cool font beside it, the logo is simple yet attention-grabbing. The logo represents Lenskart’s vision and mission of making eyewear accessible to everyone.



Business Model


A business model explains the way a company operates, its cost, and revenue structures. A company must choose the perfect business model before starting. Lenskart had an exceptional business plan with a B2C business model.

A B2C model is the most commonly used business model within companies. It refers to business to customer, meaning the business deals directly with customers without a mediator.


Lenskart’s idea of opening stores around the country, providing optometry services, and taking Lenskart store online is a perfect example of a B2C business model.


Unique Approach


The unique approach that sets Lenskart above its competitors is its extreme commitment to its consumers. Lenskart has become a people’s favorite brand by providing exceptional before and after-sales services.

Their online presence is another reason for them to have gained such a wide customer base.


Revenue Model


Lenskart’s primary source of revenue is the sale of its eyewear products which include glasses, lenses, and frames. The company has a wide range of products for every age group.


They also have a special subscription feature for users called Lenskart Gold which provides customers with free eye tests, at-home checkups, and other exclusive benefits.


Pricing And Quality


One thing that took Lenskart so far in their journey is the great quality of their products which helped them to build a loyal customer base over the years. Their quality is at par with the price charged.


Their mission is to provide good quality eyewear to people at affordable rates making Lenskart’s pricing system convenient for customers.


The Omni Channel Method


Lenskart started its journey as an online retailer providing services through its website and online stores. With time, it realized that eyewear is not a very online-friendly category as it includes various other services as well including optometry tests and eye check-ups which are inconvenient for an online store.


To tackle this problem, Lenskart used the omnichannel method by introducing physical stores at key locations with proper market research. They have more than 2000 retail stores currently making it the highest-selling eyewear brand in India.


Brand Ambassadors Of Lenskart


With a robust presence in the eyewear industry, Lenskart felt the need to indulge celebrities as brand ambassadors because what better way to drive engagement than hiring celebs? The current brand ambassadors of the brand are the duo of director Karan Johar and actress Kiara Advani.


There have been many famous brand ambassadors of the brand in the past including Katrina Kaif and Bhuvan Bam.



The Use of Digitization


Lenskart has made proper use of digitization by pushing its online stores, providing unique services online, and giving cool incentives. In the age of digitization, if a brand is not going online they are lagging. Lenskart didn’t commit this mistake and has gained a wide audience as well with amazing marketing campaigns.


Learnings from Lens Kart’s Business Model


One lesson we can take from Lenskart is not diverting in different directions until you make your primary product successful. Lenskart adopted a B2C business model and made the lack of a mediator a profitable option. They deal directly with customers giving them a personalized experience. There’s a lot to learn there from Lenskart. Also, proper market research goes a long way.




Lenskart’s journey is one to applaud. From a failing startup to becoming India’s biggest eyewear brand, Lenskart quashed any doubts people had about them. Giving people hope of getting quality eyewear at affordable prices, Lenskart proved the saying ‘Lenskart: A mission to give India a vision’ true. The way for Lenskart is only up from here and we wait to see how it’d rise in the coming years.

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