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Uttar Pradesh logo

Uttar Pradesh logo meaning


A state’s logo is a symbol of its identity and heritage. The Uttar Pradesh logo also has a deep meaning and hidden symbolism behind it.


UP is India’s most populous state and an important part of Northern India when it comes to resources and from an administration point of view. Its logo is a representation of state values and aspirations, and it reflects the essence of the people from Uttar Pradesh.


Uttar Pradesh’s logo is heavily influenced by the state’s rich culture, and history and also has certain mythological elements to it. The logo is made in a circular shape with ‘Uttar Pradesh Sarkar’ written in Hindi within the circle. It consists of two fish facing upwards placed opposite to each other and an archery bow on the top. We will understand the significance of these symbols in the next section.


What is the meaning of the UP logo?


Uttar Pradesh’s logo has various components, each representing something from the state. Let us take a look at each symbol individually:


  • The Seal: The logo has a seal that depicts the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna in Prayagraj, often known as the Triveni Sangam when Saraswati also joins them. It is culturally precious to the state and every year, millions of devotees visit Prayagraj.


  • The Pair of Fish: In Hindu mythology, fish were known as Matsya. The pair of fish in the logo represents the state of Oudh (Awadh).


  • The Bow: Uttar Pradesh was the home to the Hindu mythological god Lord Rama. He was born in the city of Ayodhya situated in Uttar Pradesh. The archery bow represents him as he was a great archer himself.


  • The Legend: The text written around the seal in Hindi “Uttar Pradesh Sarkar” translates to the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The state government uses the logo as an official emblem.


What is the motto of Uttar Pradesh?


Most of the states in India share the same motto which is also the national motto of the country – ‘Satyamev Jayate’. It translates to ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’. Often written in the Devanagari script, the motto symbolizes what Indians believe in.


Our culture teaches us to speak the truth, and the truth alone. Therefore the motto was adopted by the Indian Constitution and then by most of the states.


History of Uttar Pradesh logo


The logo being used by Uttar Pradesh has a rich and long history. Initially designed more than a century ago, in 1916, it was used by the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. the symbol was continued and adopted when Uttar Pradesh was declared a state after its independence in 1947.


The logo of Uttar Pradesh was approved by The Royal Society in the United Kingdom in 1916. The symbol when adopted by the independent state of UP was said to be a symbol of vivid representation of the geographical, cultural, and historical integrity of Uttar Pradesh.


Creator of the Uttar Pradesh logo


There is no data on a designer creating the logo of Uttar Pradesh as it has been a long time but as mentioned above, it owes its approval to The Royal Society in the United Kingdom during the British reign.


A logo is not just a visually appealing symbol but a representation of the organization’s identity, aspirations, values, and ethos. Uttar Pradesh’s logo is a sentiment for the people of the state. It is a reminder of the rich heritage and culture of the state.


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