In-depth Explanation about IndusInd bank logo meaning

IndusInd bank logo meaning


The IndusInd Bank logo has a significant meaning behind it. We’ll talk about the same in the sections further.


The IndusInd Bank was founded in 1994 in Mumbai, and inaugurated by the then Finance Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Providing financial services to millions of people across India, IndusInd Bank started its operations with a capital of just 100 crore. The bank has reached great heights today.


IndusInd Bank’s logo is a simplistic yet fascinating creation. Featuring the bank’s name written on the right-hand side with a small pictorial design on the left, the logo is spectacular. The design consists of a circular globe-like structure with a bull inside it.


The bull is called the Zebu Bull, it was an iconic motif in the ancient Indus Valley civilization. If we look at Harappa and Mohenjodaro’s seals, zebu bull is often found on them. It was a symbol for the superior or royal clans of that time. The logo’s historical and cultural depiction makes it unique, personalized, and distinctive.


IndusInd Bank’s new logo


IndusInd Bank’s logo has evolved over the years. It has changed, innovated, and evolved.


In 2018, IndusInd Bank launched a very interesting logo, a musical logo called MOGO. It was said to be the brand’s new sonic identity, or simply a new musical logo. With continuous developments in the field of branding and advertising, a company needs to stay up-to-date and come up with new branding ideas from time to time.


The launch of this musical logo was a big step in the direction of rebranding. Using music and audio improves the brand experience and connects better with the audience. The music piece was created by Rajeev Raja, founder of Brandmusiq. The MOGO is a short 4-note piece of 2-3 seconds. There is another longer 90-second piece called the MOGOSCAPE which is the sonic palette of the brand.


Creator of the IndusInd logo


A brilliant team of designers designed the entire logo but the core idea of Zebu Bull was conceptualized by Arzan Khambatta who is a Mumbai-based sculptor. ‘Zebu’ was a unique creation, conceptualized thoroughly keeping in mind IndusInd’s brand identity.


The bull represents IndusInd Bank’s ethos and values of strength, stability, and confidence. The meticulous attention to detail led to a logo that people stop to admire and it easily connects with the customers. That’s the symbol of a good logo, and we, as a logo designing agency understand that as we design such unique logos for our clients.


What is the symbol of IndusInd Bank?


As discussed above, IndusInd Bank’s symbol is the iconic ‘Zebu bull’. Based on the historical symbols of the Indus Valley Civilisation, the Zebu Bull is a symbol of strength, stability, power, and growth. A bull in the financial market is also considered positive, mainly attributed to growth, so that’s also a great sign.


The symbol was very meticulously chosen as IndusInd Bank’s name is derived from the ancient Indus river, using a symbol from the same period made it quite interesting. A bull is often considered holy and even celebrated and prayed in many cultures, so, the cultural value of the same cannot be undermined.


This symbol hits a chord with the customers as it connects with them emotionally if they read the reasoning behind the selection of this symbol, making the brand’s marketing campaign a success.


IndusInd Bank logo history


The IndusInd Bank’s logos have changed and evolved over the years since its inception in 1994. Every transformation of the logo has been done to reflect the bank’s growth, stability, and innovation over the years.


Every organization needs a symbol that connects them with their audience, for IndusInd Bank, it’s their logo and their symbol. It is a testament to their long career in the field of financial services and a symbol of trust between the bank and its customers. As the bank continues to evolve and progress in the coming years, every rebranding move will create a new identity for IndusInd Bank.


IndusInd Bank logo PNG

IndusInd Bank logo meaning

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