NCC logo meaning

learn about ncc logo meaning

NCC logo meaning

Starting this conversation from the NCC logo meaning Formed in 1948, NCC or National Cadet Corps is the youth wing of the Armed Forces of India. It is an organisation giving students basic military training and can be joined voluntarily in school and college. It is headquartered in Delhi.


NCC’s logo is a symbol of discipline, unity, and patriotism – the things NCC stands for. As any logo is meant to represent a company’s ethos and values through its logo, NCC’s logo does that. We, as a logo development agency, know the value a logo holds and the impact it has on consumers.


NCC being a subordinate organisation of the armed forces represents it through their logo. It symbolises all three services of the corps and has an essence of NCC in it through the 17 lotus flowers embedded in the middle of the logo.


What does the NCC logo represent?


The logo is a testament to leadership, hard work, and youth empowerment – exactly what the Armed forces promote.


The NCC logo was first introduced in 1951. During the initial years, the NCC flag was of a similar pattern, colour, and size as was used by different regiments of the Indian army. It just had the particular NCC unit designation and badge placed in the centre of the flag.


The current tricolour flag(logo) was introduced in 1954. It is made up of 3 colours, red, light blue and navy blue. These colours represent the three armed forces. Red represents the Indian Army, light blue represents the Air Force, and navy blue as the name suggests represents the Indian Navy.


The seventeen lotus flowers in the middle represent the 17 state directorates of NCC. Their motto “Ekta Aur Anushasan” (Unity and Discipline) is written at the bottom in the Devanagari script.


What is the meaning of the two dots in the NCC flag?


Apart from the tricolour and the 17 lotuses, the NCC flag also has two golden coloured dots in between. These two dots represent the two major training institutes of NCC.


One of these two institutes The Officers Training Academy is situated in Kamptee, they are specifically for training male NCC associates. The other training centre is the Women Officers Training Academy in Gwalior, it is for training female NCC associates. The two dots represent these two institutes.


What is the NCC logo’s meaning and motto?


Like every other organisation, its motto represents what the organisation stands for and represents. NCC’s motto is a clear indication of the core values upheld by the cadets and officers.

The motto in Hindi says “Ekta Aur Anushasan” which stands for Unity and Discipline. NCC being a smaller version of the armed forces follows the same rigid principles of discipline and unity, therefore the motto.


It emphasises the coexistence of both unity and discipline. It tells us that we should stand united but always maintain discipline as civilised people. Discipline is a key ingredient of a good lifestyle.


History of the NCC logo


NCC’s logo has been changed only twice. The original logo was similar to the current logo but the only difference was every unit personalised it by changing the colour and unit’s designation. This motto was introduced in 1951, 4 years after the inception of NCC.


The current logo was brought in in 1954. As the armed forces emphasise unity and oneness, the new tricolour flag with the colours of the Armed forces was introduced which had 17 lotuses representing NCC’s 17 state directorates. This logo is in use even today and it has captured its intrinsic symbolism to this day.


Creator of the NCC logo


The NCC logo was created with a collective effort of various designers. No one is credited solely for the iconic creation. Yet the logo has stood the test of time and is equally relevant as it was 70 years ago.


NCC’s logo fills cadets, citizens, and everyone alike with pride. It’s a beacon of hope for cadets who aspire to join the armed forces in future. They can be trained from a young age and be prepared for a future that is almost similar to NCC’s workings.


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learn about Ncc logo meaning

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