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Roscosmos logo meaning


The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, or The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities is the Russian Federation’s space organization responsible for space programs, aerospace research, and cosmonautics programs.


Roscosmos’ logo is very smartly designed with hidden but logical meanings. It may seem simple at first glance but the symbolism is impeccable, just like any iconic logo.


The current logo of Roscosmos was introduced in 2018 replacing the old logo. The present logo is a simple red colored arrow surrounded by a grey-colored orbit. The interesting bit here is the inclination of the red arrow. It is slightly slanted at exactly a latitude of 46°N. This inclination’s significance is that Russia’s main launch point site, Baikonur Cosmodrome, is located at the same latitude. The ending point of the arrow is inclined at 82°N, it is also the northernmost point of Russia.


Coincidence? We think not. This is what makes a logo unique and different, something that represents your organization in more ways than one. We, as a logo designing agency, do exactly that.

Roscosmos logo

Roscosmos logo history


The new logo of Roscosmos was introduced in 2018 after the older logo was discarded. Ironically, Roscosmos’ previous logo was similar to NASA’s logo before it was changed.


The previous logo was designed by Igor Komarov. It was designed during the Soviet era. It had a blue color globe in the background which represented Earth. It signified everyone’s collective efforts towards the cosmos. The globe had a white-coloured orbit encircling it which symbolizes the endless pursuit of knowledge and the vast expanse of a myriad of opportunities. The red arrow in between was a symbol of spaceships and rockets.


The symbols merged signify what Roscosmos represents. An organization working towards Russia’s space program excellence. Time and again, Roscosmos has created records and many firsts becoming a symbol of hope for Russians.


The current logo replaced the previous logo with minor changes. The blue-coloured globe was removed and the background was made completely white. The orbit’s color was changed from white to grey. The red arrow in the center remained constantly inclined at latitudes representing important geographical locations of Russia.


Creator of the Roscosmos logo


The present logo of Roscosmos’ creator has remained unveiled, unlike the previous logo which was created during the Soviet Era by a designer called Igor Komarov. However, the current logo of Roscosmos was meticulously designed with great thought.


The symbolism in the present logo is impeccable and easy to miss if someone doesn’t know the story behind it. That’s what a good designer or creator creates, something that keeps you thinking about the story behind their creation and it’s needless to say, Roscosmos easily achieved that.


History of the Roscosmos logo


Changed some times, and altered a few times, Roscosmos’ logo is as iconic as it gets. Having emerged from the creation of the Soviet Union, Roscosmos emerged as the Russian Federation’s space agency in 1992 by a decree signed by President Yeltsin.


Over the years, the logo has evolved and emerged into something exceptional every time but it never lost its charm which made it iconic and distinct the first time. Its simple yet timeless design signifies Roscosmos’ spirit of innovation, evolution, and excellence s they go on achieving greater heights in the aerospace industry.

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