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Apollo Hospital logo’s meaning


The Apollo Hospital logo’s meaning and history is an interesting story that we will cover in this blog. The name Apollo Hospital has made for itself in a very short period is commendable. Headquartered in Chennai, Apollo is India’s largest for-profit private hospital network in India.


An organization’s logo is its visual identity. Especially in the realm of healthcare which is an essential part of everyone’s life, logos serve as powerful symbols. Apollo Hospital’s logo stands out amongst the myriad of healthcare logos out there. The symbolism, simplicity, and elegance of Apollo’s logo are the reasons behind it.


Apollo has always called nursing its tiara, not just its backbone. Their logo symbolizes exactly that. The picture of a nurse holding a flamed torch signifies their contribution to the field of healthcare. The logo is a testimony to the fact that nurses are the torchbearers of Apollo Hospitals.


The font used for writing Apollo Hospitals below the picture of the nurse is quirky and attractive. The overall choice of the green color – the brand’s color is another smart branding move. Their logo is not something you will easily forget. It’s catchy, creative, and personalized which makes it perfect.


What is the significance of the Apollo Hospital logo?


An organization’s logo is a testament to its values, aspirations, and ethos. It represents them visually and conveys what the organization is or what it stands for. The significance of Apollo Hospital’s logo is similar.


It symbolizes the fact that Apollo keeps its nurses at the forefront making them the face of Apollo Hospitals, quite literally. The lit torch being held by a nurse is a clear indication of Apollo representing themselves as caregivers. Apollo Hospital logo’s meaning is deeply embedded right in the logo itself.


In recent years, Apollo has expanded from hospitals and clinics to proper pharmacies. They have taken their business online as well. People can buy pharmaceutical products from Apollo’s pharmacies with a single click. Their rebranding move of taking things online worked very well for Apollo.


What is the slogan of Apollo Hospital?


A slogan is a small phrase that perfectly encapsulates what an organization wants to convey to its customers. It is usually simple but impactful. Apollo Hospital’s slogan is the same – simple, succinct, and impactful.


With the slogan “Touching Lives”, Apollo is letting people know its method of operation. They touch people’s lives with their actions. We know how doctors and nurses play a crucial role in someone’s life if they are suffering. If a person feels better after getting treatment, the doctors and nurses touched their life through their actions leaving a great impact.


History of the Apollo logo?


Apollo Group is an extensive chain of hospitals across India, making it the biggest privately owned hospital chain in India. The flagship hospital of the Apollo Group was opened to the public in Chennai in 1983. In recent years, they have also branched out by opening hospitals in foreign countries.


Apollo has been an inclusive and vital part of India’s healthcare industry for a long time. During the difficult COVID times, Apollo was a valuable asset for Indians. The founder, Dr Prathap C. Reddy is popularly known as the architect of modern healthcare in India.


The Apollo Hospital logo’s meaning and history are equally iconic. The establishment of Apollo Hospitals paved the way for the marketing of healthcare brands. Hospitals didn’t market themselves earlier the way Apollo did which did a lot of good. And today, many hospitals and healthcare brands have adopted similar marketing strategies, they do consumer research and implement branding techniques.


Creator of the Apollo logo


The creator of the iconic Apollo logo was none other than the founder of Apollo Hospitals, Dr Prathap C. Reddy. Mr Reddy was a pioneering cardiologist, a healthcare entrepreneur, and the brain behind the Apollo group.


He values his nurses and calls them the forerunners, torchbearers, creators of change, and crusaders. The Apollo logo is based on the same ideology. His vision, leadership, and passion changed Apollo’s course. The logo serves as a timeless symbol in the field of healthcare.


An organization’s logo is a beacon of its values, ethos, and aspirations. We, as a logo designing agency understand this and create logos that transcend norms and turn out into something unique.

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