Meaning of logo of saarc

What is the Meaning logo of saarc

Meaning of  logo of saarc

SAARC or South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation is a geopolitical organisation consisting of South Asian countries as members. Established in 1985 with the signing of the SAARC charter, the organization came into existence.


The logo of SAARC was curated very thoughtfully to represent the organization’s meaningful work. The logo consists of seven pigeons, two eyes of Buddha, two thumbs, and two hands together which often looks like a corporate logo. Let us take a look at what each of these symbols signify:


  1. Seven pigeons: The seven pigeons in the SAARC logo represent the seven countries that are part of the organization which we will study further in detail.
  2. Two Eyes of Buddha: Buddha was a proponent of peace, so, his two eyes symbolize peace in the logo.
  3. Two thumbs: The two thumbs in the logo symbolize unity and support. The member countries vow to support and assist each other in times of need.
  4. Two hands: The hands clasped together in the logo symbolize friendship, meaning all the countries in the region are friends and are dedicated to helping each other.


Who is the designer of the logo of Saarc

The iconic logo of SAARC was designed by a native of one of the seven member countries. Shailendra Kumar Maharjan, a very famous artist from Nepal was behind the creation of the beauty that is the SAARC logo.


Since the formation of SAARC, the logo has been a highlight of artistry and representation. A symbol of unity in diversity, a beacon of hope for the member nations.

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What do pigeons symbolize in the SAARC logo?

SAARC comprises 8 countries as its members. In the logo, the seven pigeons represent the member countries. Initially, in 1985, the organization was formed with 7 member countries, and Afghanistan was added as the eighth member in 2008. Therefore, the logo consisted of 7 pigeons for the original seven founding members. 


The seven pigeons represent the member countries India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Afghanistan.


The new logo of Saarc

this is the new logo of saarc

The new logo of SAARC is a testament to the ideology the organization has followed since 1985. It’s not just a symbol with a deep meaning signifying unity, friendship, goodwill, support, cooperation, and inclusivity. 


It’s simple yet elegant and it reflects the core objective of SAARC. The seven pigeons, the eyes of Buddha, and all the components of SAARC’s logo represent what the South Asian nations stand for. It encapsulates the ethos of what the member nations represent.

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