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KVS logo meaning

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan or KVS is a system of Central Government schools under the aegis of the Ministry of Education. It is the largest group of schools in the country, KVS has around 1250+ branches in India and a few even abroad. It came into being in 1963 under the name Central Schools.


KVS stands as a symbol of quality and affordable education for young students. Being accessible to students in every region of the country makes KVS a hope for all the kids and their families who dream of a quality education.


KVS has gone through many changes through the years, and so has its logo. The present logo perfectly encapsulates KVS’s vision, legacy, ethos, and aspirations. A logo should represent what the organisation stands for clearly and we, as a logo designing agency understand it well.


The logo consists of three elements that are related to education. It includes the symbol of a rising sun, an open book, birds flying, and India’s tricolour flag along with its motto written in the Devanagari script at the bottom. It also has Kendriya Vidyalaya Sagathan written in both English and Hindi, signifying inclusivity and the nature of KVs as a diverse linguistic organisation.


The logo was designed by the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. The logo was introduced in 2013, at the golden jubilee celebration of the institution.

KVS logo meaning

KVS logo meaning and slogan of KVS?


At the heart of KVS lies its guiding principle in its slogan “Tattvaṁ pūṣaṇa apāvr̥ṇu”. It means “Truth Alone Triumphs”. Teaching an important lesson right from its slogan to the students, KVS’s slogan is as inspiring as it gets.


The slogan serves as a constant reminder to KVS to uphold the path of truth and honesty and to impart the same to its students. It moulds and nurtures children with the same ideology.


Even the teachers at Kendriya Vidyalaya undergo a crude selection process before becoming a teacher. The teachers are government employees so they are transferred from one city to another from time to time giving students a fresh perspective with every new teacher.


What is the meaning of the KVS motto?


Just like KVS’s slogan, its motto is also derived from an ancient Sanskrit scripture, from Bhagavad Gita. it is “Yogaḥ Karmasu Kauśalam”. The motto simply states that we should uphold our duties and responsibilities and do them with utmost skill and dedication without thinking of the result.


In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna is often seen telling Arjun that he should focus on his duties and do them with utmost dedication without keeping an eye on the result. The result will come to you when your work is done in any form. It inspires the idea of detachment and greed. It teaches us to not be greedy and to be more giving.


KVS’s motto tries to teach the students the same lesson. Young kids must learn kindness and duty from an early age as it imbibes a sense of responsibility and maturity. The logo inspires the students to strive for excellence and to do their best in everything they do.


KVS’s new logo and meaning


Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has gone through many changes through the years since its inception in 1963. So has its logo. There are logos similar to KVS that perfectly encapsulate everything they stand for right from their logo, for example, Ramakrishna Mission’s logo. To understand more about the new/present logo of KVS, let us dive into their history a bit.


The components of the logo have remained almost the same throughout the 3 logos they have had to date. The new logo consists of a rising sun, flying birds, books, and the tricolour. Let us understand what each of these symbols represents.


  1. The rising sun: The sun signifies a new dawn, light, and enlightenment. Sun is the origin of life and a source of energy for all of us. So it embodies positivity and enlightenment.
  2. The flying birds: Birds flying towards the sun are perfect examples of leaving behind cages and confined spaces and moving towards a sky of infinite possibilities. It depicts that the sky is the limit for kids and that they can do whatever they want with their knowledge.
  3. Open Books: the open book symbol is self-explanatory. KVS being an institution of knowledge represents that through books.
  4. The tricolour: the tricolour in the logo represents that KVS is a governmental organisation working for the people of India.


All these components combined present a beacon of hope, learning, opportunities, freedom and mastery for the young generation. A logo that can sell its story from the picture itself is a master branding move and KVS got it just right.

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