Ways To Do Digital Marketing For Makeup Artist

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Digital marketing for makeup artists


With the advent of social media, every business needs to have a social media presence. Digital marketing is not just a fancy term for social media users but a requirement for business owners, even makeup artists.


Any business these days needs to have an online brand presence to gain more traction and reach a wider audience. They have to adopt various digital marketing techniques which include SEO, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing, etc that we will be discussing in the next section in detail.


Digital marketing for makeup artists in India


Digital Marketing is not limited knowledge anymore. As a makeup artist, you need to use digital marketing techniques to gain a wide audience base as your competitors are doing the same thing.


-Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a vital resource for your content to get more visibility online. It is the backbone of the content we post on search engines. Before posting on your website, make sure to do keyword research, add CTAs, attach external and internal links, and write blogs on your website with valuable content that will help you reach the right audience.


-Social Media Marketing

There’s no denying the fact that social media is a huge influence on this generation. You, as a makeup artist, would usually target the customers who fall in the ‘social media users’ category. Your content on your socials needs to be properly marketed. There are various ways such as influencer marketing, paid ads, etc. you need to understand the algorithm or the best option is to hire a professional social media manager.


-Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You must have come across ads for random products and services when you’re visiting a specific page on Google. That is search engine marketing. It promotes your website through paid ads on other pages. There is a high chance if a user sees your product or service ad on a website and is actually in need of it, they will click on it which would lead them directly to your page.


-Google Ads

Google Ads are part of Search Engine Marketing. Google ads are very efficient in attracting a wide consumer base if done properly. Do proper keyword and demographic research and add them to your Google ads which will be displayed on other web pages on the internet. If your ads catch the eye of the viewer, they may directly visit your site through that link leading to an increase in your audience.


-PPC Campaigns

PPC or pay-per-click campaigns are very cost-effective methods of promoting your services online. It means you only have to pay if the viewer clicks on a Google ad and visits your page. By bidding on the right keywords, you can use it to your advantage and cut costs simultaneously.


-Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the cheapest methods of marketing. It simply involves researching and gathering emails of potential customers. It can be done through sign-ups on your website, publishing newsletters, etc. The next step is to write a creative, personalized, and catchy email that resonates with your audience. It is an easy method and gives a sense of personalized touch.


-Content Marketing

Marketing your content is an important step as a follow-up to posting your content online. As a makeup artist, you can create reels and posts showcasing your work online which is also a good method of gaining customer’s trust. It is of utmost importance that the content is marketed properly through paid promotion, organic growth methods, and following growth algorithms.


-Video Tutorial

It’s a common method of gaining viewers. As a makeup artist, you can post makeup tutorials online. It’s a way of gaining not only customers but also viewers, improving your social media engagement which indirectly leads to business and profit growth.



Quora is one of the most underrated tools for improving SEO for makeup artists. Some so many people have queries related to makeup applications and related stuff. Instead of reading long blogs, a person would prefer reading a real person’s opinion on Quora as people use their personal experiences which resonate with people and are very influential.


How do I promote my makeup artist on social media?


One of the most common methods of promoting your makeup artist on social media is sharing their content. For something, as personalized as makeup, people prefer listening to the real-life experiences of other people. If your clients are sharing your content on their socials, their followers will see your work and if they like it, they will reach out to you personally.


Apart from this, you have common social media promotion methods such as paid promotions, collaboration, influencer marketing, and brand collaborations which work efficiently. It is also vital that you stay updated with the latest trends on social media and use them to your favor.




It can be seen that makeup artists are getting wide reach on social media these days. Their work is highly appreciated and they get most of their customers from there. Therefore, you can adopt all the strategies mentioned above and apply them lucratively to promote your business online.

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